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Fire Prevention

Fire extinguisher and sprinkler heads sitting on building plans and the fire code.

The Fire Marshal's office provides fire prevention services to the citizens that live and work in communities covered by the District and is also contracted to provide services to Blue Lake Fire and Samoa Peninsula Fire Districts.   The Fire Marshal and fire prevention team, provide comprehensive inspections and code enforcement, plan review, public education, and ensure buildings are properly constructed in accordance with local and state codes.

Under the direction of the Fire Marshal, the Fire Prevention team has three main functions, commonly referred to as the "Three E's"; EngineeringEnforcement, and Education.

  • Engineering and Plan Review Services - The Fire Marshal is primarily responsible for plan review, new construction inspections, and fire and life safety systems acceptance testing to ensure compliance with the California Fire and Building Codes, Fire District Ordinance and Standards, and applicable NFPA standards. Plan review services are provided through the plan submittal and review processes in conjunction with the County and City of Arcata building departments.
  • Code Enforcement and Inspection Services -  The District is responsible for inspecting existing occupancies for compliance with Fire Code, CCR Title 19, Health & Safety Code, Fire District Ordinance, and applicable NFPA standards. There are approximately 1000 occupancies assigned to the Fire Prevention Team for inspections to ensure compliance with the statutory requirement to conduct annual life safety inspections in certain occupancy types.
  • Public Education - The Fire Prevention team and our Firefighters provide a long list of valuable programs to the public to promote and teach fire safety to all ages through a variety of delivery methods. The District is proud to offer elementary school educational programs, small group station tours, fire extinguisher training, and group safety presentations. 
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